Stonehenge is the name given a group of stones situated on Salisbury Plain i Wiltshire, England.

It is one of the most impressive and famous ecamples of stone-age architecture, and is enclosed by a circular ditch 300 feet in diameter.

The stones are arranged in four series. The two uttermost form circles, the third is horseshoe-shaped, and the immermost is egg-shaped or oval.

The outer circle is 100 feet in diameter. It is estimated that the stones were set up about 1680 B.C. Some are 22 feet high. Within the oval circle lies a block of blue marble more than 16 feet long. Men who have studied ancient civilization have termed it The Altar Stone. One of the uprights is called The Friar’s Heel.

Once again we are mystifiled as how so primitive a people could manouver such large masses of rock into specific positions.

Many explanations and theories have been given as to the structure’s purpose – some say it was a place of sun worship, others say it was a burying ground but no one knows for sure.