Visions of Nostradamus

Nostradmus was born, Michel de Notre Dame on Dec. 2. 1504 in St. Remy, France. He recieved the degree of doctor of medicine in 1529 but it wasn’t until the great plagues of Aix and Lyons, in 1544, that any signs of greatness were seen in him…

In 1555, using the name Nostradamus, he published his great prophetic work “Centuries”. Its uncanny accuracy in foretelling events of the times caused a great deal of comment…

…shortly thereafter, he was called to the court of Catherine de Medici. Fulfillment of more of his prophecies brought him great honor.. and in 1558, Nostradamus became physician to Charles II.

Nostradamus died Juli 2, 1566! The following predictions were borne out years after his death!

The realm taken the King will conspire, The lady taken to death ones sworn by lot: They will refuse life to the Queen and son, And the mistress at the fort of the wife.

An Emperor will be born near Italy, who will cost the Empire very dearly. They will say, when they see his allies, that he is less a prince than a butcher.

The Italian lands near the mountains will tremble. The Cock and the Lion not strongly united. In place of fear they will help each other.

The Roman power will be thoroughly abased, Following in the footsteps of its great neighbour: Hidden civil hatreds and debates Will delay their follies for the buffoons.

The wars in France will last for so many years beyond the reign of the Castulon kings. An uncertain victory will crown three great ones, the Eagle, the Cock, the Moon, the Lion, the Sun in its house.

In Germany will be born diverse sects, Coming very near happy paganism, The heart captive and returns small, They will return to paying the true tithe.

The year 1999, seventh month, From the sky will come a great King of Terror: To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols, Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.