Mystery of the Ninja

The Art of Stealth (Ninjutsu)

Script & art by F. McLaughlin

This sinister art was practiced by a legendary band of spies in old Japan. Credited with performing superhuman feats, these ingenious warriors used tehcniques and gadgets that would put James Bond to shame.

While the Samurai warriors fought on the battlefields, the Ninja performed commando-type raids against the enemy.


His methods of escape were many and were held secret even at the cost of losing his own life.

According to legend, a Ninja could walk up walls, fly through the air and walk on water, among other things.

Actually, each story was partly true. Special shoes and spiked gloves allowed the ninja to climb almost anything.

Special training developed his ablility to leap great distances and a special sailing device he used, gave the appearance of flying.

The ninja tunic or jacket was loaded with a variety of poisons, weapons and powders, which when thrown in the eyes of an enemy, made him think the ninja had disapperared in a puff of smoke. The gadgets were endless and so are the legends of the mystical Ninja of old Japan.

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