Center of Earth

Through the ages, man has sought other worlds beyound his present realm, strange and weird ideas of these lands still linger with us, and some still plan to cross the boundary line and enter the unknown beyound this world, such a place is the Center of the Earth!

People believe there is a spot on the Earth that lead to the inner caverns of mystery that lie in the planetäs core! Captains John Cleves Symmes of Hamilton Ohio, went before congress during the 19th century to ask funds to form an expedition into the Earth’s blackest bowels.

The entry to the earth’s center is believed to be near the North Pole. Powerful currents, it is said, suck ships into the lowest depths.

This forbidden land is supposed to be the the strangest region in all the universe. Mushrooms spring to heghts of forty feet and mosses and ferns grow to gigantic and grotesque shapes.

Tremendous mastodons trample through great forests of enormous fungi and ghastly plants. But, and this is probably the lure this region holds, it is believed that lying in the midst of all, this horror are priceless gems as plentiful as the sands of the beach.

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