"Ultimatley the greatest help is self-help."
Bruce Lee

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För att visa, att man inte alls blev rädd när man hoppade till, kan man hoppa upp och ner ett par tre gånger liksom för att motionera sig.

— Nalle Puh

Several years ago, a Briths newspaper financed an expedition to Mount Everst! Its purpose – to investigate a strange and constantly-repeated rumour.

Before braving the mountain, the elders of the nearby villages had been closely questioned.

Every conceivable trap was set to photograh or capture a specimen – without success. But as the climbers ventured even higher…

The expedition spent months on everest, But discovered nothing more. Scientists could make nothing of the footprints – except to declare that belonged to no known creature. And so the mountain still keeps its secret – but for how long?

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