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The National Motion Picture Traffic Safety Council which represents twenty-odd safety councils and works in close cooperation with innumerable civic organ-izations, governmental bodies, industrial groups, professional societies, motor clubs and the like, has thrown its entire resources behind M-G-N1’s Our Gang comedy “1-2-3 Go!” There is only one purpose of this organ-ization and that is to cut down the number of traffic accidents. Since “1-2-3 Go!” was made with their collaboration and has as its theme a new idea for accident preven-tion the Committee wants as many people as possible to see the film. Their interests, therefore, and the interests of exhibitors who show this one-reeler are the same. Stills and mats on the film are being distributed by the Committee to hundreds of publicity outlets. They have arranged with their member organizations to ap-proach exhibitors, first, to show the film, second, to work with exhibitors in publi-cizing the showing, using the influence they have in their community to aid in any way possible. At the suggestion of the Committee M-G-M has made up Our Gang 1-2-3 Go! Safety Club buttons to be used in the formation of local Our Gang Safety Clubs. Affiliates of the Committee have all the details on the formation of such clubs and are ready to aid exhibitors in doing so. Efforts of the Traffic Committee have already born fruit in Los Angeles where, at a preview of the film, 600 representa-tives from schools, churches, fraternal or-ganizations, Boy and Girl Scout groups and prominent women’s organizations at-tended and pledged their organizations to cooperation with exhibitors when the film was shown.


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