On Easter Island stands a set of silent sentinels – sstatues that no one knows anything about.


The Mystery of Easter Island

Deep in the Pacific, 2000 miles west of Chile, lies an island of dead gods and unsolved mysteries. In 1687 an English pirate named Davis spied it for the first time while running before a hurricane.

On Easter Sunday 1722, Roggeween, a Dutch sea captain, became the first man to land on the island, and renamed it “Easter” Island in honor of the day. He beheld a strange sight…

Stretching across the slopes of the island these huge statues of volcanic tufa face away from the sea. Towering up to fifty feet in height could weigh as much as sixty tons, they vary in size but are obviously carved after a single model,. And completely ringing the shores of the island is a chain of 230 burial vaults.

The fate of the inhabitants of the tombs will always remain a mystery. Nor can anyone translate the strange pictographic engravings on the wooden tablets found on the island. Nothing like them had ever been seen. Then one day in the desert country of Western India, archeaologists made a discovery…

The images weighed up to 50 tons each. How had they been transported from the quarry? Thye were found in all stages of completion at the quarry as though work ad been suddenly interrupted and never resumed.

What sudden scourge had struck burying forever the mystery of Easter Island? Today, modern liners steam past but in all these years, nobody has ever solved this strange secret.

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