City of Jacksonville Prepares for the Florida Georgia Football Game

The University of Florida Gators will take home field against the University of Georgia Bulldogs on Saturday, Nov. 2, at 3:30 p.m. at EverBank Field.

“The Florida-Georgia Football Classic has a strong tradition with deep roots here in Jacksonville,” said Mayor Alvin Brown. “This game draws countless people to the Downtown area, showcasing our city as a national destination for big-time sports events. We are proud to host this great rivalry, and we look forward to a great game and an unbeatable fan experience all week long.”

The rivalry weekend will include the 18th Annual Merrill Lynch/Bank of America Florida-Georgia Hall of Fame Luncheon presented by Ruth’s Chris, RV City presented by Winn-Dixie, the official Florida Georgia Tailgate Party presented by Cheney Brothers, Touchdown Showdown and the Adams Street Experience. Touchdown Showdown and the Adams Street Experience will create the ultimate game-day fan experience with interactive games and displays, food and beverage, commemorative merchandise, and two jumbo screens to show the game. There will be no alcohol sales in this area.

The City of Jacksonville will host six Sideline Safety Zones (SSZ) in the Sports Complex and throughout Downtown. The SSZ sites will provide free assistance ranging from basic medical help, first aid, transportation, directions, telephone service, food, water, coffee and more. For a list of locations and hours, please see the attached document.

Heavy traffic is expected on game day. Fans should prepare to utilize transportation alternatives such as the JTA Park-n-Ride and stadium shuttle services. Information regarding locations and or shuttle stops is attached. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office website,, and the official game website,, will have regular updates on game day traffic and transportation.

The Florida vs. Georgia Football game is a rivalry game that has become a long-standing tradition in Jacksonville for residents and visitors alike. The City of Jacksonville thanks event sponsors: AT&T, Winn-Dixie, GEICO, Cheney Brothers and ModSpace.


Georgia vs. Florida Football Classic

It’s that time again! Time for the annual match-up between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Florida Gators in Downtown Jacksonville. This week, our Downtown will be filled with tons of activites for the entire family to enjoy. Don’t miss RV City activities, the Touchdown Showdown, the Georgia-Florida Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, Corporate Village and much more! It all leads up to the big game on Saturday, October 27 at EverBank Field.


Shopping In Jacksonville, FL

They say the day of the indoor mall is fading and the two newest and largest shopping centers in Jacksonville seem to support this theory. St. Johns Town Center is an outdoor shopping center that boasts 11 anchor stores and 150 brand name retail stores. You’ll also find many restaurants to choose from including, The Cheese Factory, P.F. Chang’s, Cantina Laredo, and may more. There are also apartments and condos close by.

River City Marketplace is on the North Side of Jacksonville near the airport. Built in 2006, they have a movie theater with 18 screens and a vast array of retail stores including a huge Wal-Mart Super Center, Best Buy, Michaels, Office Depot and many others. Restaurants include; Olive Garden, Chili’s, Red Lobster, Cracker Barrel, and many other types of restaurants to suit your taste buds and your budget.

If you want something a little more quaint and historical then you should check out the San Marcos Square. This is an upscale shopping area just south of downtown Jacksonville. There’s an eclectic mix of locally owned stores, coffee shops, and restaurants. Be sure not to miss Peterbrook’s Chocolatiers. They have everything from chocolate covered popcorn to chocolate covered french fries! Also located in the San Marco area is The Little Theater. It opened its doors in 1937 and claims to be the oldest continuously operating community theater in the nation. There is also a movie theater that sells pizza and sandwiches allowing you to eat at little tables while you watch your movie.

If you decide you need to eat healthier, try The Farmer’s Market. It’s open every day of the year and offers over 200 vendors selling a huge assortment of fresh farm produce. It’s located at 1810 West Beaver Street, which has been its home since 1938. The Jacksonville Farmers Market is known to be the oldest farmers market in Florida.

If you’re looking for something off the beaten path, George Street in St. Augustine offers a variety of small shops and deli’s offering unique menu items. Taking a trip to Centre Street on Amelia Island makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Enjoy the specialty shops, then have a cup of coffee at Seattle’s Best or stop by the bakery for a fresh-baked treat.

No matter what kind of shopping experience you enjoy, you’ll never have a shortage of places to shop in Jacksonville.

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9 Perfect Getaways To Cool Down In Jacksonville

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To cool down the next time you are in Jacksonville, you can take a dip at one of the Jacksonville beaches, check out Jacksonville’s public swimming pools, explore Adventure Landing, try the sister park of Adventure Landing with Shipwreck Island Water Park, visit Hannah Park, take the kids with you to the splash ground and play park of Jacksonville Zoo, unwind at the Metropolitan Park, relax at the Friendship park and fountain, and go fishing at Captain Dave Sipler Sportfishing charters.

Relaxation is what everyone needs. Jacksonville may not offer the largest theme parks and the grandest places to relax, but it sure does offer you perfect places to go and things to do whether you are traveling by yourself or with your family. Jacksonville has great places to relax:

Swimming at the beaches in Jacksonville

Even during the hottest summer months, the windy and sandy beaches help keep you refreshed and cool. Cool off at Jacksonville’s Neptune, Atlantic or Jacksonville Beaches, where you’ll find all the rentable equipment you need for a fun-filled and relaxing day. You can take a dip at one of Jacksonville’s many fine beaches, or maybe relax at one of our beachfront restaurants or dance the night away at one of our popular night spots. Jacksonville coupons [keyword/URL] Jacksonville coupons can help you save a lot of money on a variety of businesses and restaurants near you.

Check out Jacksonville’s public swimming pools.

You can also check out some of Jacksonville’s 34 public indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Some of the pools are only open on the weekend, so you will want to be sure to verify the hours. You can also ask about swimming activities for you or your children.

Discover and have fun at Adventure Landing

A theme park located at Blanding Boulevard, Jacksonville, Adventure Landing offers a wide choice of activities and rides for everyone, including batting cages, go-karts, and arcade. The park is open Sundays through Thursdays from 10 AM to 10 PM, Fridays from 10 AM to midnight, and Saturdays from 9 AM to midnight.

Shipwreck Island Water Park is similar to Adventure Landing and is worth checking out

You will find Adventure Landing’s sister park named Adventure Landing and Shipwreck Island Water Park at the Beach Boulevard in Jacksonville Beach. In summer, it is one of the more popular spots for people to visit. It features play areas with slides for adults, kids, and toddlers; squirters, water coasters, and a wave pool; plus Laser tag and Adventure Golf. Aside from all of these fun features, this attraction also hosts special events and other festivities during the holidays. You can visit during the week, except for Friday from 10 AM to 11 PM and on the weekends from 10AM to 1AM.

One place you might enjoy visiting is Hannah Park

Kathryn Abbey Hannah Park offers air cooled beaches, a lake with fresh water a play area and shady camp sites. These amenities are perfect to help you unwind and cool down. You can rent a tent or bring your own. If you can stay for at least two nights you will be able to lease a cabin. Convenience is also not a problem at Hannah Park, as it features a general store for your basic needs and offers laundry services and shower rooms to help give you some of the basic comforts of home.

Visit the water park and play center at Jacksonville Zoo with your kids

At the heart of the Jacksonville Zoo you will find a play park and splash ground that your children will absolutely love. This park offers a variety of attractions including a tree house, mazes, vines to swing on and rocks to climb. Moreover, a place called the animal care area lets children help care for animals.

You and your family can have a fun filled day and unwind at the Metropolitan Park.

The Metropolitan, otherwise known as the Metro Park, is located along one of Jacksonville’s main thoroughfares by the St. John’s River. John’s River. This park is a great place for popular musical events like jazz, rock and folk fests, and it also has picnic shelters, a play area especially for children and even a two-themed kids’ campus. In order to make sure your entire group has a place at the park, you can put in your reservation up to 60 days ahead of time. There is no cost for admission.

Go to Friendship Park and Fountain for a relaxing experience

Cooling down isn’t just getting wet, it is also winding down and relaxing your senses. A perfect place to gaze at the beautiful view of the St. John’s River and unwind is the Friend Park and Fountain, located next to the Museum of Science and History. Johns River. It features a wide circular fountain that squirts water up to 120 feet high. Fountains in the park change color dramatically in the night and play with shooting water

Charter a fishing boat at Captain Dave Sipler Sportfishing

Captain Dave has been a fishing instructor for over twenty years, and you can simply cool down and go fishing with him. You need to set aside six hours to enjoy a regular fishing experience. You can go fishing at the Mayport Jetties or where the St. John’s river meets the Atlantic Ocean. You can enjoy by paying a visit to the range of rocks lying at or near the surface of the water around Jacksonville Beach and Amelia Island.

There remain a wide variety of options for relaxing and letting go of stress in Jacksonville, regardless of if you are visiting alone, with a spouse, or with the whole family. Jacksonville overflows with tourist attractions. Jacksonville is the perfect answer for a weekend getaway adventure.

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The History of the Jacksonville Jaguars

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The Jacksonville Jaguars history is relatively short considering they began as an NFL expansion team in 1995. They play in Jacksonville, Florida, and joined the Central Division of the AFC at the same time as the Carolina Panthers. In 2002, the NFL realigned divisions and the Jaguars became a part of the AFC South Division of the NFL. Jacksonville is known as a great place for football, boasting college and pro games, celebrating big games with parties and parades. A look back in Jacksonville history documents them hosting the 1967 and 1968 All Star Game of the AFL. They had attempted over the years to acquire a team, first chasing after the Baltimore Colts with no avail, and then setting their sights on the Houston Oilers. They even created a “Jacksonville Oilers” banner and designated an area of the stadium as non-alcoholic and family oriented to try to win this team over in the late 80s. However, they remained without a team of their own for quite a few more years.

Since the NFL hadn’t had an expansion team since 1976, they decided in the early 1990s to add two more teams. The goal was to have them ready for the 1993 season, and the city choices were to be made from Charlotte, St. Louis, Baltimore, Memphis, and Jacksonville. As it turned out, Jacksonville and Charlotte were chosen, and the Jacksonville Jaguars and Carolina Panthers were born. So Jacksonville Jaguars history began in Southern Florida. Considering Florida already had two NFL teams with the Miami Dolphins and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it wasn’t expected that Jacksonville would get the team. Also, the markets were ranked very low, and the fan base was questionable because of the large focus on college sports in the area. Nonetheless, they were elected to own the franchise.

The Gator Bowl stadium was built during the Great Depression, which hosted occasional NFL exhibition games, as well as the short-lived World Football League and United States Football League. It was old and had attempted to make adequate construction additions over the years, although it was still unusable for NFL franchise. Therefore, it was demolished in 1993, and a brand new stadium was built. For cost savings, they were able to spare the west upper deck and a portion of the ramping system from demolition and deemed usable in the new structure. Hence, Jacksonville Municipal Stadium had arrived. For a ten year stint, it was known as Alltel Stadium, but then reverted back to being called the Jacksonville Municipal Stadium.

Jacksonville Jaguars history began in 1995, starting off slow with a record of 4-12 for the year. That season set the stage for many key players, including the likes of Mark Brunell, James Stewart and Jimmy Smith. The team improved their second year, winning six of their seven final games, allowing them to finish with a winning record of 9-7. A significant event in Jacksonville Jaguars history is when they won a spot in the AFC playoffs, beating both the Buffalo Bills and the Denver Broncos, two teams that had easily dominated the AFC that season. Increased demand for Jacksonville Jaguars memorabilia and event tickets was a result of their recent successes. They performed well in the championship game, even though they had recorded a loss to the New England Patriots. Jaguars made the playoffs again in 1997, losing the first round game. This kept on for quite some time, each year with a winning record and a trip to the playoffs, until 2000, when the Jacksonville Jaguars team took a turn for the worse.

Some of the disappointments in Jacksonville Jaguars history involved salary cap problems and other issues plagued the team in 2000-2003. Jaguars were not able to afford to keep a lot of talent on their roster; losing key players affected their chances to win. When 2002 arrived, the NFL saw fit to divide up the teams further, which brought the Jacksonville Jaguars to the AFC South from the AFC central. Jacksonville Jaguar experienced challenges and struggles, many don’t realize that they have had their share of successes. Since their inception they have had six playoff appearances and two division championships to their credit.

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Jacksonville Attractions

The Little Talbot Island State Park is a haven for nature lovers as it is one of those Jacksonville attractions which consist of pristine beaches, natural marshlands, hiking trails, camp grounds as well as picnic areas. The beaches facilitate surfing, fishing, sunbathing and swimming where as the marshlands offer a unique opportunity to observe the wildlife in its natural habitat.

The Prime Osborn Convention Center held the honor of being the largest railway station in the country when it was built and is one of the most impressive Jacksonville attractions. The building consists of marble flooring, Doric columns which are 42-feet high as well as barrel-vaulted ceilings which measure 75 feet and serves as a center for holding corporate meetings, traveling shows and charity events.

The Veterans Memorial Wall is dedicated to the war veterans of the First and the Second World Wars, the Korean War, the Vietnam War as well as the military operations in the Persian Gulf. This outdoor memorial of black granite is an important venue among the Jacksonville attractions because it is the only one which honors all the six branches of service with the motto ‘proud remembrance and humble tribute’.

The Ribault Monument commemorates the arrival of Ribault and his crew as the first Protestants to touch the coast of America in 1562 and is one of the most scenic Jacksonville attractions since it is located on a high ground close to the St. Johns River. The main attraction here is the original stone monument which was erected by the new arrivals and in addition the spot offers a panoramic view of the area all around.

The Yellow Bluff Fort is one of the significant Jacksonville attractions because it was built in 1862 by the Confederate soldiers in form of labyrinths and mazes as a protection to the city of Jacksonville. This fort is strategically located on the St. Johns River and although it did not witness any action during the civil war, it was fitted with cannons which were capable of warding off any major attack.

The First Baptist Church of Jacksonville is an important venue among the Jacksonville attractions because it is one of the oldest churches of the city which was built in 1838. Although a major portion of the church was destroyed by fire, it was rebuilt in 1903 and now acts as an important center for community activities along with a library and a bookstore.

The Veterans Memorial Arena is one of the popular sports venues among all the Jacksonville attractions because apart from hosting important sporting events this venue also hosts lively musical shows, circus as well as gymnastics all of which are entertaining to watch.

The Morocco Shrine Auditorium is one of the centrally located Jacksonville attractions which hosts a number of local events like beer festivals, craft shows and computer expos and has facilities for live entertainment shows as well.

The Friendship Park and Fountain is considered to be one of the most spectacular of the Jacksonville attractions because it consists of one of the tallest fountains in the world which measures 200 feet in diameter and can shoot water to a height of more than 120 feet in the air. The main attractions at this venue are the colorful lighting arrangement at night as well as the picnic tables which can be used for relaxation during the day.

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