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Black Party Part II

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Boston Red Sox

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11 years ago Tuesday, the Boston Red Sox became the 1st (and only) MLB team to overcome an 0-3 series deficit by beating the New York Yankees in Game 7 of the ALCS.

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This is a Legend

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This is a legend in the Kenya country of Africa. It is really more a bed-time story than a legend. When the village fires have been bank-ed for the night, and the jungle is silent save for the occasional cough of a lion in the brush. the native mothers will gather their children to them, and gesture out into the night toward the sound of the lion. “Beware,” they will say sternly. “Do not wan-der in the jungles in the darkness—and you among my sons who will grow up to be great hunters and warriors, take care at whom you cast your deadly spears. For it may he the ghost of R’wana, and he might strike you down in his anger.” Then, while the lowering fires cast strange shadows upon the jungle trees, she will tell them the story of R’wana and Ngobi, the two hunters, and Blina, the pretty girl who was loved by the both of them. And the children, though they have heard the story many times. will shudder as they listen—for it is a good story—and they will re-member it and when they have children of their own, they will repeat the story to them, just as they heard it. In this manner, the story of the ghost of R’wana has been told among the Kenya people for many generations. R’wana and Ngobi were the two greatest hunt-ers among the Kenya people-,this was many moons ago-and their prowess with the hunting spear was known far and wide across their land. Far and wide, also, was the fame of Blina, daughter of the chieftain of the Kenya people, whose beauty was said to be greater than any in the whole land.

Now In the heart of Ngobi the Hunter there was always sunshine. He sang to himself as he followed the pathways of the jungle, and he sang In the evenings as he sat by the council fires and watched the firelight dance on the beautiful face a, Blina, the tillers daughter. But In the heart of ltetana the Hunter, there was little of sunshine or laughter. When R’wana went forth to hunt, there was grimness and anger in his head, and .scareely a day would pass but he would bring back more than enough dead animals to feed his portion of the village. When Ngobi killed only for food, ’twas said that R’wana killed for the joy of killing—and that is always a bad thing. There was great rivalry between R’wana and Ngobi—not only in their hunting, but also for favor in the eyes of the beautiful Blina. To be the most beautiful .girl in the village might in itself have been enough to cause them to fall in love with Blina. But when she was the daughter of the chieftain besides ah! For it was known well among the Kenya people that the chieftain had no sons. The man who married Blina would some day rule all the Kenya country. Between Ngobi and Wwana, all the village knew that Blina preferred the gifts and smiles of Ngobi to those of ‘flans. But among the Kenya people, the father picks the husband of his daughter, and there were none among the Kenya people who could guess which of the two men the chief preferred.

But R’wana, whose heart was black, was afraid. He feared that Blina’s father preferred Ngobi for her husband. The prospect of having Ngobi be-come chieftain of all the Kenya people instead of himself was too much for Riviana:s pride. And so. when the black lion came to the Kenya jungles, R’wana decided to put the matter to a test. He called Ngobi to him, and together they went to see the chieftain.

“O, chief,” said R’wana proudly. “I wish to propose a test to decide which of us shall be-motile the husband of the beautiful Blina. For many nights now, we have heard the coughing of the great black lion in our jungles. Some night he may swoop down upon our -village and kill our cattle or attack our people. It is my wish that Ngobi and I shall make a pledge. The first of us to seek out and kill the black lion shall* become the husband of your daughter.” At this Ngobi raised his hand in protest. “This lie•not a good test,” he said. “It is well known among bur people that a lion does not attack a Ns man unless he has first been attacked—or if he has been hurt and cannot find his food among the beasts of the jungle. By this test. if R’wana and I fail to kill the black lion, we shall turn him into a man-killer.”

The chieftain was silent for a moment and then he gave his decision. “It is a good test,” he said. “You are both mighty hunters. One of you is sure to succeed. even if the other fails. Tomorrow you shall take your spears and go together into the jungle. The first to kill the black lion shall wed my daughter.” Thus, over Ngobi’s protests, the test was set. The next day the two mighty hunters left the village together. and set out into the jungle to discover the spoor of the great black lion. Ngobi was not long in coming upon it. They followed it together. until they came to a water hole by river. and there they Found the lion, ready to drink his fill.

At the sight of the lion. Ngobi could not bring himself to loose his-spear But there was no such qualm in the heart of R’wana With a happy shout. he let his spear fly through the air It landed on the haunch of the lion With a mighty roar, the beast shook it loose. and limped off into the jungle. with the blood streaming from his crippled leg “Why did you not kill him once I had missed?” demanded R’wana.

“He has not harMed me.” shrugged Ngobi. “and there is no need of food in oUr village It would have beeen a senseless kill. and my heart said no R’wana laughed. and called Ngobi coward, and when they returned to the village he told the story to all the people. and insisted that because Ngdbi had not killed the lion, or even tried to do so, it :proved that Ngobi did not love the beautiful Blina. But Ngobi said nothing, and re-. tired to his but in silence. When the people heard that R’wana had wound-ed the black lion. but had not killed him, there was a.greattear and anger among them. They said that the lion would turn man-killer in revenge—and they shoUted at R’wana and threw stones at him,and drove him into his but in disgrace. There he sat and brooded upon the failure of his plan—and there he hatched a new plan. Come nightfall, he would sneak into the but of Blina and carry her off into the jungle. He would refuse to bring her back to the village until the chieftain promised her to him as a wife. That night. he ventured out of his but and started across the compound toward the but of Blina. His mind was so upon his evil errand that he did not see the great black shape that hid in the shadows, and he did not hear the roar of the black lion until it was too late. A scream escaped from his lips. and then R’wana went I down under the slashing claws of the powerful beast.

The roar and the scream brought shouts from the huts, and out bounded Ngobi with his spear in his hand. Bravely he faced the snarling lord of the jungle. Now at last he could kill with a clear conscience. Now his village was under at-tack. He drew back his at m. and let his spear fly. The fates were kind to his spear. for it struck home, and the lion toppled dead in the dust across the body of R’wana. The entire village came to stand in awe at the size of the black lion, and they all marveled at the bravery of Ngobi and the power in his arm that drove the spear into so great a beast. And there was a hearty shout of approval from all—and a tender smile from Blina—when the chief ‘announced that he would abide by the pledge he had made. Since Ngobi had killed the black lion. Ngobi should marry Blina. and become the next chieftain of the Kenya people. R’wana did not live to hear of his defeat. The tellers of tales would have it that hiS ghost mingled ivith the ghost of the great black lion until they became one. Together. so the legend runs, the ghost of R’wana and the ghost of the lion he turned into.a man-killer roam the Kenya jungles And both their hearts are black with anger, and both have a great hate for the Kenya people. And that is why, when a lion coughs in the night-time jungle, the children of Kenya shudder, and listen to the tale of the man who caused his own death because there was nothing but hate in his heart. For the lion maybe the ghost of R’wana.

NY Comic Con

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