Ännu ett e-brev som har kommit fel

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Hej Lena och Lasse

 Här kommer priset på grävning av vatten och avlopp på M-vägen.

 Med vänlig hälsning


Concert on the Green

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Ett e-brev som har kommit fel

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Har försökt att nå dig.

Det gäller M-vägen.

Vi hittar inte något vatten och avlopp utanför stugan .Har varit uppe på kommunen och fått ut va-ritningar till huset.

Där finns inga vatten och avloppsritningar till stugan.

Vi måste gräva in nytt vatten och avlopp till huset.

Är detta okej?

Det finns inte med i offerten.

Strong little Elephant

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Effe was a roundish, gray little elephant who lived with his mother. and father and a lot of other elephants in Ceylon, which is a funny-shaped island right near India.

Effe’s mother and father, and many of the other elephants too, had a job to do. They liked it very much — it was the business of uprooting brush and small trees with their trunks, to make trails and clear-ings. So Effe, even though he was very young and small and round, always wanted to go along with his parents and work too!

“Looka me!” he kept saying to his mother, throwing out his little elephant chest and trying to look grown-up. “I’m a real strong little elephant, an’ I wanna do a job like everybody else! Can I come with ya, please, huh?”

But his mother always laughed, and said, “Why Effe, you’re nothing but a baby! You can’t possibly make clearings till you’re bigger and stronger! Right now, you’re almost as little as Miggles!”

“As Miggles!” Effe cried; and he looked as though he had really been in-sulted, because Miggles was his baby sister, and much, much smaller than he was!

But his mother just smiled, and paid no attention—and no matter how hard he pleaded, Effe just couldn’t go to work with his parents! Instead, he disappeared off by himself for many hours during the day, and wouldn’t tell anybody where he was going, or what he had done.

One day, when he was off alone, Effe thought he heard a funny little sound. He listened again, and then he was sure of it! He heard a bleating, trumpeting sound, in a baby voice!

And then he knew what it was! It was Miggles, calling for help!

Effebegan searching quicki]y. In a moment, he saw her! His baby sister had fallen down into a shallow little ravine—but she was too small to get out! “Ma-ma! Da-a-a-dy! Ef-fe-e-e-e!” Miggles sobbed.

“Here I am!” Effe said, standing at the edge of the ravine and calling down to his tiny baby sister. “Quit yellin’! I’ll take care of ya!” Then he.reached down, kneel-ing on his front knees, and wrapped his trunk around Miggles’ trunk. “Now hold on tight!” he said.

Then Effe pulled … and he pulled … and he pulled. . . .

And with a final drag, he hauled Miggles up onto the ground! He gave her an affectionate whack with his trunk, and said, “Now c’mon home, dopey!” Then the two little elephants, one husky-small and one tiny-small, trailed off together, side by side.

That night, when their payents heard about it, the mother said, “But Effe, how did you ever manage to pull her out?”

“It was easy—almost!” Effe said triumphantly. “See, Mom—when I go off by myself every day, I practice exercises, and carrying things — so I’ll be strong enough to clear trails! An’ I’m not a baby like Miggles! I saved her life!”

His mother smiled. She said, “You cer-tainly did! And if you can do that—maybe you could work with us, after all!”

Effe looked at her joyfully, his little elephant mouth hanging open. And the next* morning he got up early to go to work, determined that someday he would be the strongest elephant in all Ceylon! And that’s just what he became!