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Little Shop of Horrors

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Rodney’s Road Race

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The full-throated roar pervaded over Happy Forest. It wasn’t the noise of on animal like a lion or a tiger or a leopard, but the noise sounded like forty lions and tigers and lea­pords all gathered together and roaring at once. The full throated roaring came from the Happy Forest Road Race Course, and it was made by a number of the hottest hot rods that could be built. It was the day of the Big Race!

Rodney Rabbit, a well-liked rabbit, better known among the grease-monkeys of Happy Forest as Hot Rodney or Hot Rod Rabbit, was one of the heavy favorites to win the race. He was seated in his streamlined, chanelled and chopped dragster this means it was a very fast car in hotrod talk) and raced the motor as he waited at the starting line for the go-gun. Hot Rod moved his racing glasses down over his eyes and adjusted his leather driving gloves and his flowing white scarf. He &ways made o real picture as he raced along at 90 miles an hour in his hot rod, his scarf flowing behind Mm and his glasses glued to his head, Just like old time flying pilots.

To the left of Rodney’s ear was another fast-sounding hot rod — the one owned by Gram-pa Fox. it was old-tooking, and in truth it was on old car, but Rodney didn’t let that foot him.

He knew that Cramp Fox was one of the best race drivers in the Forest, and that the car he’d been toeing for over 35 years was still one of the fastest around. Rodney looked over the set­up, Grampa at ease in his old-fashioned but fast-looking ear, and figured that he would be the mon to beat.

Then Rodney glanced to his right, but before he could soy hello to WiII Raccoon, who had built•in driving glasses, “BANG” went the stoner’s gun, and they were off and streaking down the winding road.

It was an hour-tong race, and It covered 90 mites, so you can see that the hot-rodders really traveled in this race. Rodney lost the lead, but decided to make up for lost time at the first big turn He stepped on the gas and headed into the winding turn at full throttle—this was a stunt few other drivers would try for fear of turning their cars over or for fear of spinning out of the race as they missed the turn But a really good drive; in a race could make the turns fastet than other drivers and he could make up a good deal of time lost by doing so.

Into the turn at full throttle went Rodney, and a dbsty turn it was. Rodney stared through the grime settling on his windshield as he whip­ped the steering wheel to the right — the turn must be right here! He couldn’t see! Dust from the other cars hadn’t settled) and it was like driving in the worst sort of fog as Rodney flew into the turn at 75 miles per hour. Having been over the course many times before, Rod­ney counted to three as his car spun M the dust, and then he quickly straightened out the wheel and tromped the gas pedal to the floor. in another four seconds he emerged from the blanket of dust and found himself still on the toad and going strong! Rodney had been time Mg himself in these turns and knew just when the wheel should be turned to get him out of the corner before he crashed. “I could darn near run this course blindfolded”, Rod thought, as he gunned along the road, gaining on the nearest car to him.

Rod had lust approached the red car in front of him as they come’ to another hairpin turn. It was clear at the turn — the dust hod settled enough for Rodney to jam through it — or so he thought. The red car was being driven by Sharpie Skunk, a very tricky driver, Just as Sharpie headed into the turn, he dumped some kerosene into his fuel line and caused a big white smoke screen to emerge from behind his car.

This would have been the end for any driver except Rodney Rabbit. With his skilt and know­ledge of the road, he hit the turn at even great­er speed than the previous turn and began counting. “One-two three”, Rodney counted, and just at that instant he felt his left front wheel drop down! Was he going off the road? Rodney held on to the wheel and prepared to jump if he felt the car lurch any further! But the left front wheel came up, and he shot through the turn like a bolt of lightning, pass. Ing Sharpie Skunk on the way. As he checked his rear-view mirror, Rodney sow immediately behind him a short dip in the road at the turn. ff he hod been able to see it more dearly through the white fog mitt left at the turn, he would have noticed that it was a dip made by a skidding car. Rodney hadn’t misfigured at all, but had been on the right track all the time. He realty knew this road!Rodney had passed a good dozen of the oars by the time another ten minutes had pass­ed. His car was realty in tune, he thought, It hummed a song of speed as he pushed down the gas pedal and flew along the dirt road race course He was in complete command of his car and was feeling like the winner of the race already, when ahead he saw — two crust “How could they have gotten up there?” Rodney wondered as he lowered his head and
gunned down the course, intent on outracing them in this last few minutes of the race. He hadn’t even realized there were more cars ahead of him! With the winding course, it was hard to tell who lay beyond the next turn, or if you were in the lead, he thought. But the lost part of the race was a straightaway road, which led three miles to the finish line!

As Rodney came out of the last turn on the course and headed into the straightowoy to the finish line, he peered down the road. Still only two cars there! That meant if he could beat these two, he would WIN THE RACE! Putting every ounce of speed into the car he could muster, Rod began pulling up on the rear car. It was Windy Weasel, o good driver in a good car, but a tricky type who would bear Watch­ing. He’d been known to cheat before, Rodney thought, as his front wheels approached the rear wheels of Windy’s roaring car.
Just os Rodney • felt he was about to pass Windy, he noticed Windy reaching for a box—they were tacks! Rodney was passing on the left side of Windy’s car as Windy dumped the box of tacks on the rood —they would shot-ter the tires on Rodney’s car and make him lose the rate! But Rodney knew a few tricks him­self! He slammed on the brakes as he twisted the steering wheel to the left — this mode his ear skid to the right of Windy’s car — and as he reached the right side of Windy’s car, where there weren’t any tacks, he gunned the engine and took his foot off the brakes, speeding ahead!

But the braking action had been too much — it held hint back for an instant, and Gram-pa Fox swept into the finish line — the winner as usual. But Rodney made a good second — and lost graciously. After the race Rodney ap­proached Grampa Fox.

‘trampler he said, “I have what I figure to be the best darned hot rod in Happy Forest! .1 entered this race, thinking I could win it, even against yout Now I don’t know about my car anymore — I’d Eke to have a bang-up job like you have! I want an out-of-this-world dragster!”

“What you sneers to say, Rodney,” said Grampa, holding his big silver winner’s cup) “is that you’d like to know my secret, chi’

“Uh — I’d guess you’d say that, Grampa! How come you ALWAYS have the winning eat in the race — it’s not as new or modern as mine, and it shouldn’t be os fast, according to any book 1 ever read on the sublect!” re­marked Rodney.

Grampa grew thoughtful and scratched his chin with the big silver toying cup He appeared to be making a decision. He made it.

“Okay, youngster, It tell you what it is. li’s the FUEL I use;” he said.
“Fuel! But don’t you use gasoline, same at the rest of us?”
“New, I never hove used that newfangled stuff! When I was a kid and rating, I never was able to afford that so I’d take a little corn mixin’s, some nitre-glycerine, empty out the barn-lamp leftovers and finish it up with a chow of tobacco. Then I’d let this stuff sit far a couple of days, and before it blew up of its own accord, I’d dump it into my car tank and take a fast ride. Works like a charm!” said Grampa, seemingly amazed at his invention.
“1 got some now :elfin* M the barn that should be ripe by now! I’m retiring this year, so YOU can have the mixture if you want it. but it’s mighty powerful stuff!” Grampa warned.
“Boy, that would be keen!” shouted Rodney, ready for the offer.

The two men then went to Grandpcds barn. There seething in a vat, was the “chuggin’ water”, as Grampa culled it. Cramp* helped Rodney pour in a tankful, and then stood back.

“There you are, son,” he said, “but be care­ful with it – it’s really riper’
“I will, Grammar yelled Rodney, gunning the engine and throwing the car into gear Pie spun out of the driveway and roared onto the road at a fun 60 miles per hour. At the first bend in the road, Rodney noticed a slight bump in the road — he decided to go over it instead of around it. He did neither. He went BOOMI, as the tank full of “hot go-juice” rattled at the bump.

When the dust cleared, not a thing was ‘eft — except Rodney, who had been blown back into the garage of Grantee, who stood watch. Mg him, teaning against a door as he watched.

“1 reckon’ that last bunch WAS a little pow’­ full” Grampa ventured.
“A LITTLE powerful — why, it destroyed the whole car — it knocked my cat clear out of this world!” Rodney said.

“Well, isn’t that what you wanted — a car that’s out of this world?’ Grampa asked with a twinkling eye.

“Very funny, very funny,” moaned Rodney, “grid I wanted a BAN•UP car, too — but didn’t count on that big a bane”

Rodney appeared about to cry at the loss of his car. At this Point Grampo got serious.
“Hey now, youngster, a driver as good as you can’t be without a car! Tell you what I’ll do since I’ve retired anyhow, you can have my car — if you want it!”

And from that year forward, Rodney went forward — right to the finish line in Grampa’s car. And on one really knows the secret of his winning to this day, except Grampa — and you!

Is the Month of April a Good Time to Tour Thailand?

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The Songkran Festival is held from 13 to 15 of April. This festival is Thailand’s New Year celebration of the lunar year. If you go in April expect to sprayed or tossed with water as Thais have a holiday and literally cool off. Incidentally, it is also the hottest month of the year (in an already extremely hot place). It’s still better for a visit than the rainy season (Aug-Oct).


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