Beijing Youths intervju med Zhang Ziyi


Beijing Youths intervju med Zhang Ziyi

What is HERO?

The main theme (of HERO) is the spirit of xia. HERO is not about “me” but about “others”, about being responsible for your own nation’s fate, and about the meaning of each character’s life.

HERO is consisted with three parts – two fictional and one real. Each can be identified through a color. The structure is a bit complicated. If you understand, you will know the meaning; and if you don’t, you will be entertained. Luckily, the visual is more than enough to satisfy (your eyes).

HERO can inspire the spirit of xia and heroism hidden inside people’s mind. The spirit of xia will be accepted by all cultures.

Did director Zhang Yimou add scenes for you?

No. Zhang Yimou’s way of doing things is to fully prepare for everything and he knows exactly what he wants. In the begining, Leung Chiu-Wai and Maggie Cheung felt very uncomfortable with that. They have got used to Wong Kar-Wai’s way – no script, no lines, one shot with many versions – laughing, crying, from the left, from the right. But director (Zhang Yimou) said pass after only two takes. They got very surprised and even asked for one more take. From this, (I think) Zhang Yimou and Wong Kar-Wai are two extremes (of the same thing).

Have you felt pressure when working with such big stars like Leung Chiu-Wai, Maggie Cheung and Jet Li.?

Big pressure. But I received even more helps from them. One day when I am doing a scene and Maggie Cheung and Leung Chiu-Wai were waiting aside. I just started feeling nervous and wished to get over it quickly. I didn’t want to let them wait. But more I felt anxious, more mistakes I made. (I) can’t even catch the weapon thrown to the air. Then Maggie Cheung shouted to me, “take it easy, Ziyi. It’s OK. Or we can wait outside…”

How do you remember Zhang Yimou, Leung Chiu-Wai, Maggie Cheung and Chen Daoming?

They all felt working with each others was something very precious. This is much more important than what they will get after the film is done.

Zhang Yimou – wuxia is a dream of his. Now I feel he is very good at making wuxia. In the past, he just kept accumulating the energy (in other films) and HERO is a big explosion. In HERO he has fully explored everything he is good at, like using colors, handling big scenes, stirring up the atmosphere, telling the story…

Jet Li – I think HERO is the best movie he has played. Fight scenes are beautiful and he has shown us the his actor side.

Maggie Cheung – She is a very straight woman. Never hide her feelings. She likes catching butterflies. At the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, she led us to light candles and make lanterns. Her heart is very young and very energetic. She is also very cautious and very sensitive. When we were wrapping up, she cried very hard.

Leung Chiu-Wai – He was very quite and worked very hard. To practice writing the character “sword”, he made the hotel we stayed at smell like an ink pot. There are more people watching Leung Chiu-Wai and Maggie Cheung’s scenes. We all like their performance. To me, it’s a lesson of acting, very rare.

Chen Daoming – It is very unfair that the media have ignored him. I think among so many versions of the First Emperor, his is the most successful one. (He is) steady and never overdoes his acting. He knows how to deliver his lines and his handling the role of a king is just right.

You have mentions more than once that you wanted to learn from HERO. What have you learned?

Besides acting, I have learned more about how to treat other people. They are great director, actors who have no longer bothered by fame, have focused on the art, and have treated other people very well. I was deeply moved by all these.

Is there anything regrettable about your character “Like Moon”?

Like Moon is really a small role in HERO. (It) got very few scenes. To me, I cannot redo what I have done, therefore I couldn’t allow me to treat anything carelessly and to leave anything regrettable behind. Each shoot is important. Once the shooting started, (I must be) at the peek of my performance. Anyway, I have done my best and (you can judge me) from the movie.

How do you compare Ang Lee and Zhang Yimou?

I think it’s depends on (their) personalities. Ang Lee is scholarly and cautious, (therefore) CROUCH TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON is mild and beautiful. Zhang Yimou is a typical guy from Shannxi (a province of China). He is persistent and bold, so HERO will make you feel greatly satisfied. The similarities between them are also very oblivious – being meticulous on art and seeking perfectiveness.

How do you feel about HERO’s chance at the Oscar?

Never thought about that. I think (Zhang Yimou) has no longer bothered by this. Making HERO is fulfilling a heroic dream of his.

Besides PURPLE BUTTERFLY, do you have any other project?

Shooting of 2046 will start soon. Wong (Kar-Wai) has asked me to check in on November 17th. There is no script and (I) know nothing about my role. Based on the test shot I did earlier this year, (I think) it is probably a strange futuristic character. My hair was made very tall and I was walking the wire with high-heel shoes. 2046 is a big mystery to me. I feel curious and expected.

Among actresses in China, only you and Gong Li never made any TV series.

I have never intended to stick with movie and stay away from TV. If the role is right for me, the time is allowed, and the production team is good, I may give it a shot. But I will not make anything like teen idol shows.

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9 Perfect Getaways To Cool Down In Jacksonville

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To cool down the next time you are in Jacksonville, you can take a dip at one of the Jacksonville beaches, check out Jacksonville’s public swimming pools, explore Adventure Landing, try the sister park of Adventure Landing with Shipwreck Island Water Park, visit Hannah Park, take the kids with you to the splash ground and play park of Jacksonville Zoo, unwind at the Metropolitan Park, relax at the Friendship park and fountain, and go fishing at Captain Dave Sipler Sportfishing charters.

Relaxation is what everyone needs. Jacksonville may not offer the largest theme parks and the grandest places to relax, but it sure does offer you perfect places to go and things to do whether you are traveling by yourself or with your family. Jacksonville has great places to relax:

Swimming at the beaches in Jacksonville

Even during the hottest summer months, the windy and sandy beaches help keep you refreshed and cool. Cool off at Jacksonville’s Neptune, Atlantic or Jacksonville Beaches, where you’ll find all the rentable equipment you need for a fun-filled and relaxing day. You can take a dip at one of Jacksonville’s many fine beaches, or maybe relax at one of our beachfront restaurants or dance the night away at one of our popular night spots. Jacksonville coupons [keyword/URL] Jacksonville coupons can help you save a lot of money on a variety of businesses and restaurants near you.

Check out Jacksonville’s public swimming pools.

You can also check out some of Jacksonville’s 34 public indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Some of the pools are only open on the weekend, so you will want to be sure to verify the hours. You can also ask about swimming activities for you or your children.

Discover and have fun at Adventure Landing

A theme park located at Blanding Boulevard, Jacksonville, Adventure Landing offers a wide choice of activities and rides for everyone, including batting cages, go-karts, and arcade. The park is open Sundays through Thursdays from 10 AM to 10 PM, Fridays from 10 AM to midnight, and Saturdays from 9 AM to midnight.

Shipwreck Island Water Park is similar to Adventure Landing and is worth checking out

You will find Adventure Landing’s sister park named Adventure Landing and Shipwreck Island Water Park at the Beach Boulevard in Jacksonville Beach. In summer, it is one of the more popular spots for people to visit. It features play areas with slides for adults, kids, and toddlers; squirters, water coasters, and a wave pool; plus Laser tag and Adventure Golf. Aside from all of these fun features, this attraction also hosts special events and other festivities during the holidays. You can visit during the week, except for Friday from 10 AM to 11 PM and on the weekends from 10AM to 1AM.

One place you might enjoy visiting is Hannah Park

Kathryn Abbey Hannah Park offers air cooled beaches, a lake with fresh water a play area and shady camp sites. These amenities are perfect to help you unwind and cool down. You can rent a tent or bring your own. If you can stay for at least two nights you will be able to lease a cabin. Convenience is also not a problem at Hannah Park, as it features a general store for your basic needs and offers laundry services and shower rooms to help give you some of the basic comforts of home.

Visit the water park and play center at Jacksonville Zoo with your kids

At the heart of the Jacksonville Zoo you will find a play park and splash ground that your children will absolutely love. This park offers a variety of attractions including a tree house, mazes, vines to swing on and rocks to climb. Moreover, a place called the animal care area lets children help care for animals.

You and your family can have a fun filled day and unwind at the Metropolitan Park.

The Metropolitan, otherwise known as the Metro Park, is located along one of Jacksonville’s main thoroughfares by the St. John’s River. John’s River. This park is a great place for popular musical events like jazz, rock and folk fests, and it also has picnic shelters, a play area especially for children and even a two-themed kids’ campus. In order to make sure your entire group has a place at the park, you can put in your reservation up to 60 days ahead of time. There is no cost for admission.

Go to Friendship Park and Fountain for a relaxing experience

Cooling down isn’t just getting wet, it is also winding down and relaxing your senses. A perfect place to gaze at the beautiful view of the St. John’s River and unwind is the Friend Park and Fountain, located next to the Museum of Science and History. Johns River. It features a wide circular fountain that squirts water up to 120 feet high. Fountains in the park change color dramatically in the night and play with shooting water

Charter a fishing boat at Captain Dave Sipler Sportfishing

Captain Dave has been a fishing instructor for over twenty years, and you can simply cool down and go fishing with him. You need to set aside six hours to enjoy a regular fishing experience. You can go fishing at the Mayport Jetties or where the St. John’s river meets the Atlantic Ocean. You can enjoy by paying a visit to the range of rocks lying at or near the surface of the water around Jacksonville Beach and Amelia Island.

There remain a wide variety of options for relaxing and letting go of stress in Jacksonville, regardless of if you are visiting alone, with a spouse, or with the whole family. Jacksonville overflows with tourist attractions. Jacksonville is the perfect answer for a weekend getaway adventure.

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