Jacksonville Attractions

The Little Talbot Island State Park is a haven for nature lovers as it is one of those Jacksonville attractions which consist of pristine beaches, natural marshlands, hiking trails, camp grounds as well as picnic areas. The beaches facilitate surfing, fishing, sunbathing and swimming where as the marshlands offer a unique opportunity to observe the wildlife in its natural habitat.

The Prime Osborn Convention Center held the honor of being the largest railway station in the country when it was built and is one of the most impressive Jacksonville attractions. The building consists of marble flooring, Doric columns which are 42-feet high as well as barrel-vaulted ceilings which measure 75 feet and serves as a center for holding corporate meetings, traveling shows and charity events.

The Veterans Memorial Wall is dedicated to the war veterans of the First and the Second World Wars, the Korean War, the Vietnam War as well as the military operations in the Persian Gulf. This outdoor memorial of black granite is an important venue among the Jacksonville attractions because it is the only one which honors all the six branches of service with the motto ‘proud remembrance and humble tribute’.

The Ribault Monument commemorates the arrival of Ribault and his crew as the first Protestants to touch the coast of America in 1562 and is one of the most scenic Jacksonville attractions since it is located on a high ground close to the St. Johns River. The main attraction here is the original stone monument which was erected by the new arrivals and in addition the spot offers a panoramic view of the area all around.

The Yellow Bluff Fort is one of the significant Jacksonville attractions because it was built in 1862 by the Confederate soldiers in form of labyrinths and mazes as a protection to the city of Jacksonville. This fort is strategically located on the St. Johns River and although it did not witness any action during the civil war, it was fitted with cannons which were capable of warding off any major attack.

The First Baptist Church of Jacksonville is an important venue among the Jacksonville attractions because it is one of the oldest churches of the city which was built in 1838. Although a major portion of the church was destroyed by fire, it was rebuilt in 1903 and now acts as an important center for community activities along with a library and a bookstore.

The Veterans Memorial Arena is one of the popular sports venues among all the Jacksonville attractions because apart from hosting important sporting events this venue also hosts lively musical shows, circus as well as gymnastics all of which are entertaining to watch.

The Morocco Shrine Auditorium is one of the centrally located Jacksonville attractions which hosts a number of local events like beer festivals, craft shows and computer expos and has facilities for live entertainment shows as well.

The Friendship Park and Fountain is considered to be one of the most spectacular of the Jacksonville attractions because it consists of one of the tallest fountains in the world which measures 200 feet in diameter and can shoot water to a height of more than 120 feet in the air. The main attractions at this venue are the colorful lighting arrangement at night as well as the picnic tables which can be used for relaxation during the day.

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