The Florida Gator Mascot – A Match Made in Heaven!

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The Florida Gator mascot is actually a match made in heaven! The Florida Gators actually have two mascots not just one. Albert E. Gator and Alberta Gator are the happy “mascot” couple who represent the University of Florida Gators. But it wasn’t always that way.

Before Albert and Alberta became a couple, the original Florida Gator mascot was a real live alligator! It only seemed fitting that an alligator should be chosen since Florida is said to have over a million alligators in the state. Now that’s a lot of alligators!

But eventually the live alligator was replaced in 1970. Albert E. Gator became the official mascot of the Florida Gators. He did a great job but definitely got quite lonely out there on the field – so enters Alberta in 1986. She was a perfect match for Albert and from that point on it was definitely a match made in heaven! They are very rarely seen apart and the fans just love them.

Albert keeps a very close eye out for Alberta at the games. Its been said that at one game, the opposing teams mascots got a little carried away with their megaphones and hit Alberta in the head. Albert stepped right in and saved the day. What a guy!

These two really do make the perfect “Florida Gator mascot”. The Florida Gator fans love to see Albert and Alberta come out on to the field and cheer their team to victory. Lets hear it for Albert and Alberta! Go Gators!

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