Resident Evil – the Movie Review

Well, right, now that we’ve seen this ‘ighly anticipated film, right, here’s the verdict. Nuffink short of oresome! Oi! Wiv only one or two notable exceptions, video games ‘ave never been successfully converted ter decent movies (remember Tomb Raider?). This will be one of them exceptions.

Starrin’ the captivatin’ Milla Jovovich of Fifff Element and Joan of Arc fame, this flick delivers in spades wot yer’ve come ter expect from the Resident Evil game series. Plot, ffrills, right, chills and scads of zombies ter boot.

Alffough the gore element of the film is at times not as extreme as wot we’ve seen in the games, the overall presentation of the Virus, right, the Hive and it’s infected, hungry inhabitants fully live up ter ffeir pixel counterparts. Right. The plot in this film is exceptionally well written for the genre. Right. And oi, it’s Milla for cryin’ out loud! Oi! There are excitin’ new elements ter the story that didn’t exist in the games, so this is an added bonus.

All the characters are convincin’ and there are some ‘eart-putting the mockers on muments that are sure ter ffrill. Evil Ed gives this movie a 9 out of 10 and it’s a great alternative ter most of the bleedin’ pre-Oscar filler that will be on most of the uvver James Deans. Go spot it. Now. If yer’ve already seen it, right, go spot it again! Oi!